Managers are Calling for More Skilled Open Source Workers

While employment reports continue to roll in with mixed results, there is one pocket of the job market that looks bright, and that’s the market for people with open source skills. As we’ve reported numerous times, many companies are leveraging everything from Linux to Hadoop for cutting-edge, mission-critical tasks, and people with skills in these areas are not just getting jobs, they are getting good jobs. Now, according to new reports from technology and open source industry leaders, managers are actively advising job seekers to contribute to open source projects.  To understand why open source skills command a premium in the job market, you just have to look at the big deployments going on in IT departments. Administrators are building out cloud platforms based on Linux, sifting large data sets with Hadoop, and planning to leverage newer open source platforms like OpenStack. People are needed who speak the language of these projects. PC World has a new report out quoting Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation, who said: “The phrase we use is ‘code is the new resume.’ Open source has truly become a juggernaut as of late. Within the last five years in particular it’s just

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