openSUSE Rolling, New UT Video, and SteamOS Review

The big news today in Linuxdom is openSUSE’s announcement of moving Factory to a "rolling release" model. In other news, a new Unreal Tournament development video shows Team Deathmatch. has a review of SteamOS and LXer has a blurb about new Minimal Linux Live. openSUSE developer Ancor Gonzalez Sosa today announced, ‘We have just switched our beloved development distribution, openSUSE Factory, to be an independent distribution using the "rolling release" development model. openSUSE Factory is now a tested, reliable and bleeding edge Linux distribution!’ He says the new model will allow packages to make it to the repos quicker by balancing some of the load across "packagers, testers and end users while putting more emphasis on automated quality assurance." LXer ran a post yesterday on Minimal Linux Live. They say, "Minimal Linux Live is probably the best place to start if you are trying to build small live Linux OS entirely from sources." If you like the commandline, you’ll love Minimal Live. After you run the build script "the produced ISO image file contains Linux kernel compiled with default options, BusyBox compiled with default options and very simple initramfs." Themukt today posted a review of SteamOS "from a Linux

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