Development: changes and new doap file requirements

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André Klapper suggested we should make more use of the doap files. As a
result of that together with GUADEC, the following changes have been
made on

1. New categories: Core, Core Apps, Apps
   Note: Not every module has been put into right category. If you spot
   errors, please let release-team< at > know. I'm planning to add
   some cross checks in the release team scripts to ensure everything
   is and stays aligned.

2. "Owner" field shows programming language
   This is taken from the programming-language field in the doap file.
   You can specify multiple programming languages. Piotr Drąg and André
   Klapper ensured that most Core/Core Apps/Apps modules have these
   fields. This should make it easier for someone to suggest a good up
   to date overview of modules to start off with.
   Note: Unfortunately cannot rename the "Owner field" into programming
   language ☹

3. Stats per week/month/quarter/year
   e.g. Matthias Clasen apparently does most gtk+ commits.

To ensure that the doap file can be used for more purposes, the
following additional fields are now mandatory for Core/Core Apps/Apps

- programming-language
- description

DOAP files are only checked when you change them. Changes are reflected
almost immediately.

For the full details behind these DOAP files, see:

Aside from above I also slightly changed the header
(e.g. shows RecentChanges+Schedule again). The Schedule is IMO quite

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