Getting started with Scribus

Sukrit has spent over seven years working with several organisations and helped them adopt GNU/Linux and other free and open source tools.

Little CMS Colour management engine (optional, but recommended)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (optional, but recommended)

If you have worked in the desktop publishing business or used some of the commercial desktop publishing tools such as QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign, you must know how easy they made your work. They are also quite expensive. Depending upon how deep your pockets run, it is unlikely that too many small organisations and especially individuals can afford these software packages. That’s where Scribus steps in to save the day. Scribus is an open source application for desktop publishing. The Scribus Project was started in 2001 and has gained great popularity, support, and won several awards since its inception. The fact that it is available for just about every operating system is just one of the features that sets it apart from its commercial competitors. Let’s take a look at how to set it up and make it work…

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