Mandriva Newsletter – January 2010

Mandriva Newsletter – January 2010

Discover every quarter the core of the Mandriva activity, informations,
products and events services, practical resources, etc …

In this issue:
– Mandriva Enterprise Server 5
– Mandriva Pulse 2
– Mandriva Discovery Server
– Mandriva Research and Development projects
– What’s new in the Mandriva Store?

Team Mandriva wishes you an excellent 2010!

# Mandriva Enterprise Server 5

A complete mail server operational in under 10 minutes!

Thanks to its exclusive installation assistant and MDS integration,
Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 allows you to deploy a range of coherent
applications stack.

Just a few minutes are all you need to deploy a mail server with
antispam, antivirus, imap access, webmail and user web management.

# Manage your IT set-up with Pulse 2

Mandriva Pulse 2 offers a unique Web console to manage and administer
your hardware, operating on Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac.

Its principal functionnalities are :
– software and hardware inventory,
– deployment and updates of applications,
– secure distance control.

# Mandriva Directory Server (MDS)

Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) is a directory management solution
LDAP easy to use. It allows business to manage staff and their access,
clients and partners.

Mandriva Directory Server constitutes the foundation of the management
system for identities, directory service administration and network service.

The Mandriva business offer includes Training, Professional Support
and Service which guarantees the capacity and flexibility to offer
handmade solutions to specific projects.

Our sales staff can be reached at: .

# Mandriva Research and Development projects

>>  Mandriva Labs will be present at the FOSDEM on February 6-7, 2010

Mandriva Labs will report on progress on Mancoosi and Scribo at FOSDEM
and will also take part in the following sessions:

- Fosdem distro room – "Cross-distro dependency resolution:
  reusing solvers among distros"

- KDE room - Nepomuk Scribo –"Getting natural language processing
  into the semantic desktop"

>> The Wiki 3.0 has got underway

The Wiki 3.0 project which reunites Mandriva, XWiki and INRIA got
underway on January 1st 2010. It will enable social network and advanced
collaboration functions to incorporate the Mandriva Doc4 platform.

>> Mandriva Doc4 version 2

A version 2 of the Mandriva Doc4 platform has been put online.

It incoporates the following new functions: 
- Software installation in a click using the site's "Install" button 
- The possibility to consult known Mandriva bugs for each software
- An improvement of the ergonomics
- Metrics.

>> A Nepomuk workshop on November 6 – 8, 2009

A Nepomuk workshop organised jointly by Mandriva and KDE held at
the end of 2009 at Fribourg allowed us to draft the social functionality
exchange base for metadata between KDE work stations which will
be included in the next versions of Mandriva Smart Desktop.

# What's new in the Mandriva Store?

>> Mandriva Tux pops back

We're pleased to welcome back the Linux mascot, theTux, displaying
the Mandriva colours. You can order it at:

>> Mandriva One 2010 2 Go - 32 bits

Mandriva offers the contents of its Mandriva One CD (in KDE or GNOME)
on a USB key !

>> AV digital - Iomega ScreenPlay Plus HD Media Player

With the Iomega ScreenPlay Plus, you can stock your multimedia files
and play them on your TV set or home cinema using a remote control,
without even switching on the PC!

>> Mandriva InstantOn still available

Boot up your PC in under 10 seconds ? Yes, it is possible and thanks
to Mandriva InstantOn. This rapid, customised and innovative system
has been developed to allow you to use everyday applications without
having to use the whole system. 

In addition, this product can be installed on small print disk such
as Flash memory and hard drives.

>> Rediscover the complete Mandriva Linux range:

Rediscover the range of Mandriva Linux 2010: the recyclable boxes
of Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2010; Mandriva Flash 2010...
and many more surprises.

Mandriva team

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