Web code is already open – why not make it free as well

Oh dear. After the debacle with Microsoft Poland’s apparent racist photoshopping, Microsoft China went and got the company in hot water for allegedly “stealing” code. Yes you read that right: Microsoft and wholesale “theft” of code from another website. Of course it’s not “theft” it’s copyright infringement but tomayto/tomarto. Microsoft confessed blaming a vendor they had worked with. No surprise really but the damage to their name may have already been done. There’s more to discuss here than Microsoft’s already tarnished reputation though. The issue raises some important points in favour of free software and points to why more if not all code should benefit from free licencing.
Inspired web coding

Richard Stallman started the FSF and the GNU project while lamenting the culture of learning from shared code he had experienced. Unlike desktop and server software development, the web has long been a hotbed of learning by observing. Since it’s earliest days, web programmers have always looked at the HTML, CSS and client-side scripts behind various websites.

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