Firefox 3.6 Boosts Speed, Tabs, HTML 5 and CSS

Six months after the last big Firefox release, Mozilla today is rolling out Firefox 3.6. The new browser, which began its life under the codename “Namaroka”, includes numerous enhancement over its predecessor, Firefox 3.5.

Mozilla developers issued multiple alpha milestones, five beta releases and two release candidates over the last six months on the road to today’s final release. Among the key enhancements in Firefox 3.6 are faster performance, new HTML 5 features and improved customization.

“With this release, we’re continuing to push on the things that we think are important for Web browsers that are built for the way people actually use the Web,” Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox at Mozilla, told “We want it to be customizable and we’re obviously working on speed and stability — those are just constant drivers. We want to make the Web browser the tool that people use to be productive.”

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