Alfresco to drop GPL, goes LGPL

Alfresco has announced that it is changing the licensing of the community edition of its enterprise content management system from GPL to LGPL. The move was announced by the company’s CEO, John Newton, in a posting on his blog. He explained that the company had initially gone with the GPL licence three years ago as it was the “most widely used open source license and provided a fairness of use that meant we could comfortably grow the project, company and brand”.

Alfresco say that the brand is now established and they are ready to move to a more permissive licence. The big difference between the LGPL and GPL is that the LGPL allows proprietary and closed code to be linked to the software. Companies have used the inability of GPL code to be linked to proprietary code as a cornerstone of dual-licensing, where they make the code open source, but sell licences to users who wish to integrate it with proprietary components.

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