Virtualmin 3.77 released

Hi Virtualmin users,

Virtualmin GPL version 3.77 will be shortly available for download
from , or our YUM and APT
repositories. This version includes the following new features
and bug fixes :

* Fixed the backup and restore for alias websites, which were
previously not always restored correctly.
* Added –autoreply-start, –autoreply-end and –autoreply-period
flags to the modify-user API command, for changing other
autoresponder settings.
* Added a Module Config option under Defaults for new domains to
set the characters which random passwords are made up of.
* The MySQL default collation order for new databases can now be
set on the database creation form, and in the MySQL section of
a server template.
* Added the Website Redirects page, for easily creating aliases from
URL paths to directories, and redirects from URL paths to other
* Added a ‘status’ section to the ‘info’ API command, to get the
collected status of servers like Apache and BIND.
* When lowering a virtual server’s disk quota below the current
usage a warning is displayed asking the user if he really wants
to do that.
* Added a field to the backup form as the backup-domain API command
to exclude some files from each domain’s backup.
* Separated the creation of a CSR from a self-signed certificate on
the Manage SSL Certificate page.

As always, let me know of any bugs you find or suggestions you have..

– Jamie

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