Packaging Open Source, by Mark Webbink

There is an article by Mark Webbink, Esq., “Packaging Open Source”, in the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review, Vol 1, No 2 (2009) that I think you’ll find interesting. It compares various FOSS licenses and how they handle compilations and collective works. The context of the article is specifically packaging Linux with an application into a software appliance, but the descriptions of the licenses and how they work are broadly useful in other contexts as well. I am republishing the article here because many of you face choices about what license you will use on your works, so you also need to understand, and others of you are lawyers who would like to understand FOSS licenses better.

Mark was at Red Hat and is now Visiting Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Center for Patent Innovations at New York Law School. He’s also on the board of the Software Freedom Law Center. So whether you are a lawyer trying to understand FOSS licenses or a programmer trying to decide what license to use on your work, X marks the spot. The article is also available as a PDF.

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