3.2 is now available for download

At the start of its tenth anniversary year, and with over three hundred million downloads recorded in total, the Community today announced the release of the latest version of its personal productivity suite. 3.2 gets to work faster, offers new and improved functions, offers better compatibility with other office software, and fixes bugs and potential security vulnerabilities.

In just over a year from launch, 3 had recorded over one hundred million downloads from the central download site alone, and the number continues to rise. Users range from individuals with a single PC to corporates with many tens of thousands of users. The Community would like to thank all the volunteer mirrors for their fantastic work over the past nine years. Thanks to their invaluable support, millions of users can reliably download our software. Our special thanks go to the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) for providing and maintaining our central download system. 3.2 new features include:

* faster start up times
* improved compatibility with open standard (ODF) and proprietary file formats
* improvements to all components, particularly the Calc spreadsheet, with over a dozen new or enhanced features
* the Chart module (usable throughout has had a usability makeover as well as offering new chart types

All users are encouraged to upgrade to the new release, because of the potential security vulnerabilities addressed in 3.2. Any people still using 2 should note that this version was declared ‘end of life’ in December 2009, with no further security patches or bugfixes being issued by the Community. Enterprise support with longer lifecycles might be available from distributors as well as commercial vendors, like Oracle, the project’s main sponsor. For details, see

A full guide to new features is available at

The security bulletin with full details of the potential vulnerabilities fixed will be published tomorrow at

Download 3.2 here:

Read our Press Release:

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