What’s Coming in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5

The next release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is in beta. The release notes give a clue as to what’s coming in RHEL 5.5, including improvements to virtualization and support for new platforms from Intel, AMD, and IBM’s Power7.

Improvements to virtualization mean better memory management and use of devices. RHEL 5.5 will allow virtual machines running under KVM to use PCI devices as if attached to the guest OS, rather than running as virtualized devices. If deployed on machines using Intel VT-d extensions, PCI devices can be reassigned while a system is running and attached to another guest OS. In addition, RHEL 5.5 will also allow reallocation of memory during runtime, so it won’t be necessary to shut down a guest OS under KVM to increase or decrease its allocated RAM.

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