Nexenta Core Platform 3.0 Alpha5 Released

Hi All,

On behalf of the Nexenta project, I’d like to announce the
availability of the Nexenta Core Platform 3.0 Alpha5, the fifth
release in the NCP3 cycle.

You can download the latest iso image from

The main changes over the Alpha4 release include:

* move from Opensolaris b131 to b133
* nexenta-on-source changes
* Bug fix list:

COMSTAR Vtape driver

We’ve been working on a COMSTAR VTape driver to virtualize SCSI tapes
over for ZFS Zvols. The code is now beta quality, and available under
the CDDL license. Find this project at

Nexenta ON gate repository:

* NCP2 stable repository (with b104 packages) is now moved to hardy-unstable

* NCP3 Alpha4 repository (if you still want to stay with b131 bits) hardy-unstable

Please set your sources.list accordingly.

This is an alpha release, and a moving target until we reach the final
release. It is in a good shape for developers to tinker with.. and we
welcome your efforts to improve NCP3. Please file bug reports/RFEs at


The Nexenta Team.

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