Magnatune sends check to GNOME Foundation thanks to Rhythmbox

A long while ago, I pledged Magnatune to pay 10% of its sales due to Rhythmbox (a fantastic music player for Linux), back to the GNOME Foundation. Today, I wrote the check.

Rhythmbox has really excellent integration with Magnatune (for four years now!), which makes for a wonderful marriage between open source and open music. The latest versions support Magnatune memberships, for all-you-can-eat music support on Linux. Read more about it here.

Let me break down the numbers:

Sales from Rhythmbox overall:

* $7159 total sales
* 905 album sales

of which:

Ubuntu changed the ref= on RB sales coming from their distro, so they get credit (and paid) for their sales.

Read more at Magnatune

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