PCLinuxOS-2010-beta1.iso release information

PCLinuxOS-2010.beta1 features kernel utilizing the BFS scheduler for maximum desktop performance on i686 and up computers. This kernel supports up to 4 gigs of memory. A PAE kernel is available from the Synaptic Package Manager providing up to 64 gig of memory suppport. In addition ext4 support is also available.

A nicely customized KDE 4.4.1 SC desktop that is both beautiful and very fast with the latest KDE applications. A unified KDE/GTK2 theme included to provide a consistent look and feel between KDE and GTK2 applications. Firefox also uses KDE dialogs.

Reworked menu system with less subcategories to make it easy and fast to find your applications.

mylivecd iso creation software. A major rewrite featuring intelligent hardware detection of cd device drivers. No more ide/sata probe options required. In addition the LiveCD now boots 50% faster than the previous PCLinuxOS release. CD should boot from most ide, sata and usb cdrom drives.

Plymouth bootsplash available on installed system for cool graphic effects. Additional themes available from the software repository.

Speedboot technology to get you to your desktop faster than ever.

3D desktop support via Compiz and Nvidia/ATI fglrx drivers on the LiveCD.

Full multimedia support provided by Macromedia flash and various open source drivers. DVD playback software available from our non-free repository. CD/DVD burning software included on LiveCD.

Printer support provided by the latest printer and gutenprint drivers included on LiveCD.

Wireless support provided by the latest kernel and ndiswrapper drivers. Additional firmware included on LiveCD.

Bluetooth support included on the LiveCD.

Addlocale makes it easy to convert your installed system to the language of your choice. Over 60 languages available!

GetOpenOffice allows you to install Open Office in the language of your choice. Over 100 languages available!

A new unified KDE/Admin control center giving you access to your desktop configuration and administrative tools.

Repository speed test – to help you find the fastest mirror to get additional software from the Synaptic Package Manager.

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Known Issues:

Plymouth boot graphics not yet implemented on LiveCD however it works fine on installed system. Some menu categories do not get translated after running addlocale. (Fixed in an update to desktop-common-data package). Digikam software from the repository is not functional. A bug report has been posted on bugs.kde.org. Java JRE is not provided on the LiveCD but can be installed from the software repository. mylivecd-gui and myliveusb-gui not included at this time due to being re-worked for better function/performance.  Security software and Parental Controls not included at this time due to new setup wizard not finished in time for this release. Diskdrake doesn’t show various colors for different partition types.

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