Red Hat’s Message for European Partners

Red Hat grew up on Linux, but the company’s next generation of growth will involve JBoss middleware, cloud computing and virtualization. That’s the message Red Hat intends to deliver to European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) partners in May 2010. And again to global partners in June 2010. Here are the details.

First, The VAR Guy needs to be clear: Red Hat remains committed to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). But the open source company has made a concerted effort to diversify its revenue stream. Much of the company’s 2009 partner push involved JBoss middleware. And for the rest of 2010, it’s safe to expect heavy partner emphasis on cloud computing and virtualization.

With those goals in mind, Red Hat plans to host an EMEA Partner Summit, scheduled for May 2-5 (2010) in Spain.

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