Mandriva Enterprise Server 5.1 is available!

First update of Mandriva Enterprise Server 5, the Linux server simple and innovative, is available today.

Coming with plenty of technology enhancements, hardware support scope and softwares list have been increased. Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 aims to be innovating in order to make infrastructure management even easier.

Test it now: isos and virtual images are available for trial.

MES 5.1 main focus is set on virtualization. MES 5.1 improves integration of KVM technology (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) together with  administration toold for a simple management in everyday life.

MES 5.1 also includes:

  • Installation wizard; it enables Open Source bricks pre-configured by Mandriva for optimal efficiency to be quickly installed. The Administrator can, for instance, configure an E-mail Server, or File and Print Server or a Directory Server. And to make the job even easier, it takes less than 15 minutes to install.
  • Mandriva Directory Server (MDS); it enables some administrative work to be delegated to colleagues and offers users a directory of unique passwords independent of the platform being used. In addition, MDS incorporated a well-stocked API which enables the easy development of new modules and automates the everyday admin tasks.

Mandriva Enterprise Server 5.1 comes with not only corrective but also evolutive maintenance. This allows users to take advantage of the latest distribution components.

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