winetricks 20100316 released

New winetricks 20100316: new verbs steam, adobeair, 7zip, d3dxof and win7

Today’s winetricks was brought to you by the letters W and S, and the number 7.


Dan Kegel

  • Don’t detect desktop environment, detect individual programs.
  • Make warnings more obvious on console.
  • flash: updated
  • gecko: updated
  • ie6: improved prerequisite checking
  • psdkwin7: requires native gdiplus for the moment, so make that a prerequisite for now.
  • psdkwin7: some important registry keys (kludge)
  • steam: added
  • win7: added

Austin English

  • Don’t consider missing cabextract fatal, unless it’s actually being used
  • Don’t use cabextract directly, use the wrapper for all uses (issue 95)
  • Use a more sane path for C:. Patch from ‘arielco’. Issue 96.
  • adobeair: add to winetrickstest, add missing decorations
  • dotnet20: Check for mscorlib.dll rather than l_intl.nls
  • icodec: remove, it’s no longer online
  • mpc: Update

Andrew Nguyen

  • Suppress STDERR messages from which command
  • 7zip: added
  • adobeair: added
  • d3dxof: added
  • msxml4/msxml6: add override before installing
  • vc2005trial: Use 7-zip to extract the UDF image rather than mounting it (so we can avoid sudo/root)

Pavel Zinin

  • directx9: update to February 2010 version

Online as always at
(Bug reports to the issue tracker at the above URL, please.)

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