PCLinuxOS 2010 Beta2 Release Information

Kernel updated to – Updates, bugs fixes and suggestions based on community feedback over the past week were implemented on the LiveCD. In addition to the KDE 4.4.1 SC version we now have Gnome, Phoenix XFCE, PCLXDE and Gnome Zen Mini isos available which showcase the various desktops available on PCLinuxOS. An Enlightenment desktop iso is also in the works and should be available sometime this week.

This weeks changelog :

Fixed menu translations. Addlocale will now translate the menu categories into the language of your choice for full international support.
Dropped most of pulseaudio out of system. KDE now gets alsa analog and digital devices by default instead of pulseaudio.
Temporarily removed admin functions from system settings menu until I can package it in to a rpm.
Fixed udev dvd link to /dev/sr0 which was affecting various application dvd playback.
Fixed xsane permissions so user has access to scanner device.
Fixed Synaptic/apt sources.list where two entries had trailing /’s.
Fixed cpufreq module detection so modules get activiated when booting hard drive install.
Fixed printer icons that were missing in the menu.
Moved all printer functions in to Printer menu category.
Fixed glib.GError: Couldn’t recognize the image file format for file ‘XXX.svg’
Fixed Samba to start at boot when checked in System Services
Fixed Digikam start up error.
Fixed kmozillahelper for Firefox save dialogs.
Fixed Bleachbit root menu launch
Fixed get more widgets initialization error.
Changed for ldetect settings for some video card drivers.
Added rdesktop to livecd.
Added gphoto hotplug so hopefully additional cameras will work when attached to usb port.
Set Application menu to name only.
Updated bcm firmware so more wireless devices can work in native mode instead of using ndiswrapper.
Added ndiswrapper Airforce One wireless support.
Removed RT3090 dkms package as kernel already provided driver.
Replaced imwheel with better mouse application. Forward/backward buttons now work in Firefox, Opera, Dolphin and Nautilus.
Default Dolphin now shows movie previews as well as copy and move commands.
Added firmware support for Compro u300 dvb stick.
Spit out KDE games package and reduced number of games
Added Emerald 3D window manager and themes
Added Compiz Fusion Extra Plugins
Added Dropbox remote file syncing software
Added Audacity audio editor
Added Floola Ipod manager
Added Amorak 2.3.0 final
Removed emelfm (my old school filemanager)
Changed mylivecd to also search for loop image on /dev/se[0-99]
Changed Packaging name in menu to more user friendly Software Center.
Updated Kernel to with a fix for some nvidia drivers and maybe fixes boot issue with logo too big.

To do:
Setup security wizard Firewall and Parental Controls
Fix NFS shares mount on boot?
Fix bootsplash on LiveCD
Run Installer without needing root password.
Fix timezone change KDE setting

PCLinuxOS 2010 was built from the ground up using the packages in our repository. These packages may be original creations such as the KDE 4.4.1 tree but may also contain repackaged and modified srpms from Fedora, OpenSuse and Mandriva. PCLinuxOS may also contain patches from Ubuntu, Debian, PLD and Charka. The PCLinuxOS team would like to thank these distributions who may have indirectly contributed to the PCLinuxOS distribution.

Download Links:

KDE4 Beta2 – 683mb
MD5sum: d9a624396b27292e364dd91a0fe73a7b

Gnome Beta1 – 680mb
MD5sum: f1349466b7397f3e3e9ae563b147c4e6

Gnome Zen Mini Beta1 – 357mb
MD5sum: 628469280ff1669234efa877c7484406

Phoenix XFCE Beta1 – 536mb
MD5sum: 4086e0a8fbb030720cc623ec116866e8

PCLXDE  Beta1 – 552mb
MD5sum: c220194c89173cc753580b07e9c6b9b1

PCLOS mirrors

spout.ussg.indiana.edu ftp.riken.go.jp ftp.kddlabs.co.jp ftp.vim.org
distro.ibiblio.org ftp.uwsg.indiana.edu ftp.sh.cvut.cz ftp.klid.dk
ftp.nluug.nl ftp.twaren.net mirror.internode.on.net ftp.nl.freebsd.org
ftp.tu-chemnitz.de gnupg.cdpa.nsysu.edu.tw ftp.heanet.ie mirror.aarnet.edu.au
ftp.ch.debian.org na.mirror.garr.it gnustep.ethz.ch ftp.ntua.gr
www.mirror.in.th ftp.jaist.ac.jp debian.ethz.ch mirrors.xservers.ro

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