opentaps Releases Version 1.4 of the World’s Most Advanced Open Source ERP + CRM System

Today, CIO’s have a low cost, flexible, and lock-in-free alternative to commercial ERP and CRM software: opentaps Open Source EPR + CRM Version 1.4. opentaps is the most advanced open source ERP and CRM suite available, with an enterprise Java foundation supporting a suite of business applications including customer relationship management, inventory and warehouse management, manufacturing, supply chain management, accounting, e-commerce, and business intelligence. It is available for free as open source software and can be downloaded from

Like high-end commercial enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software, opentaps can help businesses

  • better understand and manage customer interactions
  • optimize inventory levels and automate reordering
  • plan and manage complex manufacturing processes
  • fulfill orders efficiently in the warehouse
  • manage accounts receivable, accounts payable, and collections
  • gain real-time visibility of business results
  • sell online through the integrated web store and sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, and Google
  • integrate with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony
  • integrate with mobile phones and Microsoft Outlook

Finally, opentaps is fully web based and can be deployed either on premises or in the cloud. A YouTube video ( shows how you can be up and running with opentaps and Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) in minutes.

Unlike commercial software, opentaps is “open source”, which means that it is available free of charge to users. It can be downloaded and used under the Free Software Foundation’s Affero General Public License Verison 3. Moreover, because the source code for opentaps is fully available, businesses planning to implement opentaps can customize opentaps to meet their requirements much more easily than would be the case with most commercial ERP and CRM system software.

“Open source is a good choice for organizations that need maximum flexibility and low cost in modifying and extending a base ERP solution” writes Frank Scavo, President of Strativa, an Irvine, CA management consulting firm. “For these needs, open source ERP a good alternative not only to proprietary ERP software packages but also to custom software development.”

oepntaps’s technical architecture makes it even more flexible to meet the needs of today’s web-driven businesses. It is written in Java around a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and supports web services out of the box. opentaps can be deployed on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris operating environments and is compatible with all major databases, including major commercial databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and popular open source databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. The addition of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) in opentaps Version 1.4 gives it a more interactive Web 2.0 user interface, and the bundling of the Pentaho and JasperReports open source business intelligence platforms with opentaps gives business users an easy way to gain real time visibility into business results.

To date, opentaps has had over 500,000 downloads from and has been used by companies ranging from Fortune 500 to midsize manufacturers, retailers, and online retailers to small startups. For more information, visit

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