celebrates Document Freedom Day

March 31st is Document Freedom Day (DFD), a day for document liberation
marked around the world. It will be a day for us all to educate our
friends and neighbours of the importance of open document formats. uses the OpenDocument Format (ODF), and that means at
least one hundred million people around the world use it at home, at
work, at school: everywhere.

What is more, an impartial open standard like the ODF can be implemented
by any application, free or not. It eliminates vendor lock-in and gives
users real choice today and tomorrow. is proud of being a part of DFD, and joins many other
groups, vendors, and projects in the global effort to educate the world
of the freedoms given by open documents and standards. Document Freedom
Day unites us all. Open standards, and especially the ODF opens the
world to all.

Details on the Document Freedom Day can be found in our wiki at and on the official
campaign website at

Join us, join the future.

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