WordPress 3.0 Preview: A Quick Peek At New Features And Functionality

For long time WordPress fans, good news for you: WordPress 3.0 is coming.

WP 3.0 is scheduled to release in May 2010, which is just round the corner. We have grabbed a beta version of it and gave it a test run. I must say, it is darn impressive. This latest release comes packed with plenty of new features and functionality. It fixes some of the concern that we have voiced recently and added more useful features.
What’s new in WordPress 3.0
1. Support for multi-site

In the past, the WordPress software only allows you to install one blog. For those who wanted to create a series of blogs, or start a blog network, the only option is to install WordPress MU. With WP 3.0, you can now install multi-site with just the main core files (In short, WPMU is now merged into the WP core).

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