v1.3.9b is now available for download!

Download the file here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zencart/files/

What’s New in v1.3.9b:
– Certain .htaccess directives were causing problems on some server configurations, so have been adjusted. If you want the security protection offered by the removed items, just uncomment them.
– Various 3D-Secure Fixes, including proper handling of Maestro cards
– BUGSFORUM-1195 – Minimum value of zero gets validated incorrectly in JS form_check
– BUGSFORUM-1197 – fix problem with review sidebox not properly truncating review text
– BUGSFORUM-1198 – fix missing lookup logic in developers-toolkit language search
– BUGSFORUM-1199 – make ADDRESS OVERRIDE ALERT message show only to administrators, and not to customers
– BUGSFORUM-1200 – 1.3.8-1.3.9a very small html error in collect_info.php (closing tr tag)
– BUGSFORUM-1201 – Tax name wont show up on order if tax is 0.00
– BUGSFORUM-1206 – onetime charge taxes
– BUGSFORUM-1205 – Counter History problem with old MySQL versions
– BUGSFORUM-1116 – retain html entities in product/category names/descriptions
– Improved efficiencies in credit card identification algorithms
– Fixes to search functionality related to use of double quotes
– Fix problems with Free Shipping
– Add an override to work around an email problem with using port 587 on servers not capable of actually using SSL when sending email
– Express Checkout updates several things, including invoice numbering problems, better handling of customer-selected shipping address names, UI improvements, and more
– BUGSFORUM-1208 – stop losing county name with GB addresses in Website Payments Pro UK
– BUGSFORUM-1209 – State field always required when editing customer records in Admin
– BUGSFORUM-1210 – PayPal Website Payments Pro US 10713 Invalid Data – Missing Country
– BUGSFORUM-1211 – Yourpay/FirstData credit card CAPTUREs not processing commas correctly

Upgrade Notes:
If you’re upgrading from v1.3.9a, you can simply update the files listed in the “Changelog for v1.3.9b” in the /docs/ folder of the download zip.

If you’re upgrading from v1.3.8a or older versions, you need to follow the FULL upgrade instructions, also in your /docs/ folder

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