Mandriva is for sale!!!

Since 2008, the financial position of Mandriva is difficult. This is actually in 2010 that the situation worsens. Now the situation is critical of the publisher. It is now for sale. Two companies are actively discussing with Mandriva, is the company’s British and French LightApp Linagora.

This news follows an extract published on Boursorama the minutes of the Board of March:

The cash position will resolve remaining net salaries at the end of the month, and expenses of consultants and the “funding” Monthly Brazilian subsidiary. (…) The transitional situation currently facing Mandriva led to consider setting up a system to maintain the level of involvement of “key men” of Mandriva so that the current negotiations that would ensure the sustainability of the group lead.

In other words, the resale of the company appears as the only alternative to closure.

The extract also indicates that the company’s LightApp renewed its interest in the acquisition of Mandriva. LightApp’s is a London-based company that develops business intelligence solutions hosted (or remote) online for the reuse of outdated machines or cheap, or even just TV screens as thin clients from an internet connection broadband.

A French player in the weight, the group is also interested Linagora: “Following our meeting with representatives Linagora the premises of E & Y on 26/02/2010, exchanges are continuing and a new appointment was made March 31, 2010. “Linagora also confirms negotiations have started with Mandriva. Group CEO, Alexander Zapolsky, also indicated that discussions are underway to study the acquisition of part of the assets of the company.


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