PostgreSQL 9.0 is Serious Competition

A new version (9.0) of PostgreSQL is in beta and ready for public testing. If version 9.0 lives up to its proposed feature list, then it is serious competition for MySQL. PostgreSQL proponents have long suggested that PostgreSQL has always enjoyed superiority over MySQL. I beg to differ but that may be changing.

I tried using PostgreSQL several times over the past few years, beginning with version 6.x. I received it on CD for review. It was OK. Nothing thrilling or special. I did think it was an ambitious project but at the time, I didn’t really care much for it.
I thought it was clunky, bloated and too complicated.

I tried again with a 7.x version. Same results.

Version 8.0 arrived with a bit of fanfare and I really tried this time. Not that I hadn’t tried before but this time, I dedicated a whole Linux system to it. I was convinced that I was going to use PostgreSQL this time. I wanted to use it. For me, it was either Oracle or PostgreSQL and I couldn’t afford Oracle. Still can’t.

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