eBox 1.4-2 installer released

Hi fellow eBox users,

I just wanted to let you know that we’ve done a lot of bugfixing and small improvements since the last 1.4-1 release. Those all enhancements have now been included on a new installer.

You can download it as usual in our Download page.

Here is a summary of the most relevant changes:

– dns: Added support for internal networks allowed to recurse the caching server.
– ebackup: Improvements on frequency and keep options. Added backup and restore of logs. Added restore configuration from backup action. VolSize option can be changed through configuration file.
– egroupware: Now works properly on a master-slave scenario.
– firewall: New firewall table containing rules added by eBox services.
– network: Failover test are more robust now.
– samba: Allow guest shares. New patched samba package that should fix the full_audit bug.
– squid: New bandwidth throttling support with delay pools (to allow traffic shaping when transparent proxy is enabled). Add refresh_pattern options for Microsoft Windows, Debian and Ubuntu updates.
– webserver: Allow non-fqdn and topdomains as vhosts.

More bugfixes and improvements on the following modules: asterisk, ca, monitor, openvpn, remoteservices, software, trafficshaping, usersandgroups and webmail.

You can have a look at the full changelog since 1.4-1 at http://trac.ebox-platform.com/wiki/Document/Changelog/1.4-2

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – eBox Product Manager

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