Welcome to Pearson Computing’s fork of KDE3.5, codename Trinity!

This project aims to keep the KDE3.5 computing style alive, as well as polish off any rough edges that were present as of KDE 3.5.10. Along the way, new useful features will be added to keep the environment up-to-date.

Towards that end, significant new enhancements have already been made in areas such as display control, network connectivity, authentication, and much more!

Found some bugs? Report ’em here: http://bugs.pearsoncomputing.net

Missing KDE3 packages (libraries or applications) should be considered bugs and filed.

The best way to get my attention about a problem or desired enhancement is to file a bug report.

You can contact me about this project at kb9vqf@pearsoncomputing.net
I have a zero tolerance policy for spam, and would prefer that bugs are entered into the bug tracker and not Emailed directly to me.

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