Novell vs. Mandriva: Don’t Confuse 2 Potential Linux Sales

Novell, promoter of SUSE Linux, is listening to potential takeover bids. Mandriva, promoter of a Linux distribution that has 3 million users, is in discussions with potential investors. As a result, some pundits think Mandriva Linux and Novell SUSE Linux face similar business challenges. The VAR Guy begs to differ. Here’s why.

First, some background:

* Novell is seeking bidders for its business; the deadline for initial bids apparently was last week, according to The Wall Street Journal. Novell is set to announce quarterly results on May 27, so The VAR Guy wonders if the company will provide an update on a potential sale process at that time.
* Mandriva, meanwhile, confirms that it’s in takeover talks with various investors.

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