CentOS Goes Commercial

The market for CentOS Linux-based appliances continues growing, thanks in part to a new network-monitoring virtual appliance from GroundWork and commercial support services from OpenLogic.

CentOS is a freely available clone of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. Until recently, CentOS users had to rely on the community for support, but that changed in December 2009 when services vendor OpenLogic began to offer commercial support for CentOS.

This week, open source network monitoring vendor GroundWork announced its new GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Quickstart Virtual Appliance based on CentOS and including commercial support from OpenLogic. The move marks the first time that OpenLogic has done an appliance support contract for CentOS, which could potentially lead to further growth in the CentOS installed base.

“Most companies coming to us for support are enterprises that are using CentOS or want to migrate to CentOS,” Kim Weins, senior vice president of marketing at OpenLogic, told InternetNews.com.

While the commercial support for the GroundWork Monitor appliance deployment on CentOS is new, CentOS is no stranger to GroundWork users.

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