How To Create Your Own Tinyurl Style URL Shortener

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How To Create Your Own Tinyurl Style URL Shortener

yourls-logoA URL shortener is a service that takes in a long URL and  gives you a short and memorable URL that you can distribute to anyone you want. The service takes care of redirecting users who land up at the shortened URL to the original URL.

TinyURL, of course, was one of the pioneers in the field but ever since Micro blogging sites like Twitter started to take off, a number of services have come up that all provide essentially the same URL shortening service.

One major problem with using a third-party URL shortening service is that all your links are always bound to that one service and if they ever go out of business, like did, all your data is gone too. And that is why, if you’re serious about saving all the wonderful links that you’ve discovered from around the web, you might want to consider running your own URL shortening service.

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