5 Ways to Protect Your Twitter Account

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5 Ways to Protect Your Twitter Account

Tips on How to Protect your Twitter accountLast week we discussed some safety tips on Gmail and how you can completely secure your email account from getting hacked. Twitter is not an exception and you should be very careful with your Twitter activity. There are a lot of “phishing scams” spreading on Twitter and other social networking sites everyday. People use insane methods, scripts and fake login pages to gain access to your social profiles, thus causing identity theft which may cause severe outcomes.

Imagine someone gets access to your Twitter account and then changes the account password and the email address associated with it. You lose the Twitter account and in the worst case, the scammer may gain personal information from your tweets, connections or Direct messages.

He/she may even hurt your online reputation by tweeting spam links, abusive language or vulgar images.

Here is a list of techniques you should keep in mind to completely protect your Twitter account from unauthorized activity:

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