Who Really Contributed the High-End Tech to Project Monterey?

Here’s something interesting, a Santa Cruz 8K from October 26, 1998, which consists mostly of two press releases announcing the IBM-SCO joint partnership to do Project Monterey.

Guess who would be providing the bulk of the high-end enterprise capabilities and contributing them to UnixWare? Hint: Not SCO.

The idea of the project was a single Unix for the enterprise that Intel, IBM, SCO, Sequent, etc. would all unitedly push, for Intel’s IA-64 platform and UnixWare would be beefed up for IA-32, and thus the end result would be one UNIX everyone could market for IA-32, IA-64 and Power platforms, after pooling resources. But it was IBM and Sequent, now part of IBM, who would do the heavy lifting with regard to the high-end beefing up.

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