Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 5.3 GNOME and KDE

The best, refined blend of GNU/Linux, coming with bleeding edge edges is eventually here! Say hello to Sabayon Five-point-Threeh, available in both GNOME and KDE editions!
Dedicated to those who like cutting edge stability, out of the box experience, outstanding Desktop performance, clean and beauty. Sabayon 5.3 will catch you, anything that could have been compiled, has been compiled, anything cool that could have been implemented or updated, it’s there: you will find outstanding amount of new applications and features, like XBMC, KDE 4.4, GNOME 2.28, Linux Kernel 2.6.34, and so forth.
So, come on, go catch it, it’s half a DVD away from you!

    Features of Sabayon 5.3:

  • Based on new GCC 4.4 and Glibc 2.10
  • Shipped with Desktop-optimized Linux kernel 2.6.34
  • Providing extra Server-optimized and OpenVZ-enabled kernels in repositories
  • Installable in 10 minutes
  • Fast boot time and lightweight default system
  • Ext4 filesystem as default
  • Official Btrfs filesystem support
  • Encrypted filesystem support
  • Featuring X.Org 7.5 and up-to-date Open Source, NVIDIA, AMD video drivers
  • Containing GNOME 2.28 (with GNOME Shell!) and KDE 4.4.3
  • Outstanding 3D Desktop applications (Compiz, Compiz Fusion and KWin) working out of the box
  • Bringing Entropy Framework (Package Manager)
  • Shipped with OpenOffice 3.2 productivity suite, Multimedia applications
  • Transform Sabayon into an full-featured HTPC Operating System (Media Center) using XBMC
  • Shipped with World of Goo Demo – best 2D game ever!
  • Sexiest Skin ever! (Light blueeee!)
  • Try it out from Windows, just kick the DVD in and use Sabayon via QEMU virtualization!
  • Ready for Sabayon 6 (someday!)

    Updates since Sabayon 5.2:

  • New Linux Kernel 2.6.34 with enhanced wireless and power management support
  • New Installer! Based on Fedora14 Anaconda, with improved LVM, RAID, Encryption, Filesystem support
  • Optional language-pack download via Installer
  • Improved GRUB2 support
  • Improved VirtualBox input/video drivers support (based on 3.2.x branch)
  • KDE updated to 4.4.3
  • GNOME ready for 2.30 (will be available via updates)
  • Entropy Framework (our binary package manager) updated to, featuring stability and performance improvements (especially in Sulfur)
  • Providing PackageKit library and CLI support (version 0.6.5, kpackagekit and gnome-packagekit available in our repositories)
  • More than 1000 new updated packages available (since Sabayon 5.2)
  • Reduced ISO images footprint by 150Mb
  • Improved XBMC, Media Center installation profile support and reliability (fixing several segfaults)
  • Improved keyboard mappings autoconfiguration

Minimum requirements:
– an i686-compatible Processor (Intel Pentium II/III, Celeron, AMD Athlon)
– 512Mb RAM (GNOME) – 768Mb RAM (KDE)
– 8 GB of free space
– A X.Org supported 2D GPU
– a DVD reader
Optimal requirements:
– a Dual Core Processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or better, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better)
– 1024Mb RAM
– 15 GB of free space
– A X.Org supported 3D GPU (Intel, AMD, NVIDIA) (esp. for XBMC)

Resources for Sabayon Linux 5.3 GNOME and KDE:
Kernel Configuration:
Sabayon 5.3 x86 kernel config
Sabayon 5.3 amd64 kernel config
Packages list:
Sabayon Linux x86 5.3 KDE Packages
Sabayon Linux x86-64 5.3 KDE Packages
Sabayon Linux x86 5.3 GNOME Packages
Sabayon Linux x86-64 5.3 GNOME Packages

Download sources
Our Mirrors Page:

Thanks everybody for having made this possible!

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