KDE PIM Goes Mobile

Today a prototype version of mobile variants of the KDE PIM suite was demoed at LinuxTag (expect more information some time next week). These applications along with GNU/Linux, Mac OS and Windows versions of Kontact accessing a Kolab Server will be on show for the duration of LinuxTag. The application packages themselves can be downloaded by anyone willing to test them out. Since the last update about KDE PIM Mobile, there have been many visual and functional improvements to the applications.

The video demonstrates some prototype versions of applications for email and calendering on the Nokia N900. Most of the underlying KDE Personal Information Management (PIM or Groupware) platform is UI independent and is shared between mobile and desktop variants of the applications. This allows developers to take advantage of the platform while improving it by sharing features across applications on desktop and mobile devices. These applications being demoed at LinuxTag show the flexibility of the KDE platform for creating PIM applications.

Read more at KDE.news

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