Magento CE Version Stable – Now Available

We are excited to announce the availability of Magento CE Version Stable for upgrade and download.

Some of the highlights of this release include: Enhanced PayPal integration (more info to follow), Change of Database structure of the Sales module to no longer use EAV, and much more.

To see a full list of features and fixed issues please visit our release notes page. Diff files are available here.

Please Note:  Since Database upgrade from EAV to flat sales might be a very heavy operation and can take up to several hours depending on number of orders and environment, please make sure to test the upgrade on a non-production environment and make sure the max_execution_time PHP option has appropriate large value that can handle this operation. We do NOT recommend upgrading a production installation of Magento directly. Please backup database and all files before upgrading. Please make sure to check file permissions before trying to upgrade through your Magento Connect Manager.We highly recommend disabling Magento cache before upgrading.

Please report all issues with this release in the bug tracker.

Important Note 1: If the Magento Compilation Module is enabled it must be disabled before attempting to upgrade. After upgrading is done, click on “Run Compilation Process” to process and enable it again.

Important Note 2: If you are running Magento version older than 1.4.x in a cluster environment and are using a shared cache (e.g. Memcached) you will now need to also make sure to configure Magento to use Database as the “slow” backend cache.


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