Zenwalk Gnome 6.4 is ready !

Zenwalk Gnome 6.4 is out!

We are proud to announce the release of Zenwalk 6.4 Gnome Edition! As always, Zenwalk features the latest Linux technology, featuring Linux kernel and the Gnome 2.28.2 Desktop Environment.

The Gnome 2.28.2 desktop includes a number of new features; Totem has an asynchronous parsing API now,
GNOME Power Manager now has support for laptops with multiple batteries and has added disk spindown support for DeviceKit disks and much more.

The gnome panel comes back to the origin layout.

You will find the same software base like the standard edition :

– Pidgin 2.7.0
– Totem 2.28.6
– Brasero 2.28.3
– Goobox 2.1.1
– Geany 0.8.1
– Gedit 2.28.4
– OpenOffice.org 3.2.0
– Gstreamer 0.10.29
– Xorg 7.5
– …

Others gnome applications are available in the extra repo :

– Soundjuicer 2.28.2
– Tomboy 1.1.0
– Eog 2.28.2
– F-spot
– Vino 2.28.1
– …

Other significant changes in this release are:

– Faster shutdown (the update mime database is done when it is really needed)
– Fixed NTFS auto mount during the installation
– Fixed network browsing (downgraded samba to fix this issue)
– Fixed issue with youtube plugin in totem
– Gnome-system-tools is added. It gives the gnome management easier.
– Gnome-disk-utility is added. It can manage hard drive like Gparted.
– New artwork (Thanks Zwopper)

Enjoy it and have fun !


Downloads :

Please check the MD5 CHECKSUM : d3a9434db8e388179bfd16aa10e8538c

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