Community Asking Mandriva More Directions

Following the  “leak” about – among other subjects – negotiations involving  LightApp and Linagora, the Mandriva Linux French-speaking Users Association  appreciated the reaction of the top management of Mandriva in May to communicate about current matters

Today, one month later, no new official news has been published although the situation seemed unsustainable. The new postponed planning for the release of Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring came with a sibylline sentence « Final version should  be released soon after this RC2, with new clothes, but still in line with Mandriva Linux project spirit. »

Following a meeting they had  with Alexandre Zapolsky, CEO of Linagora, two founder members of our association, Frédéric Cuif and Olivier Méjean published an abstract of their interview which cannot let us without  any reaction.

Therefore, Mandriva Linux French-speaking Users Association and (German speaking Mandriva community) ask again to Mandriva board to make its positions and particularly :

  • to present the possible projects of continuation
  • to clarify an official position of Mandriva SA about the current identified projects with Wallix, Ieurope (, LightApp and Linagora (and any other).

We ask for a clear message, especially about community support, free and public distribution Mandriva Linux, and cooker. We wish an open and constructive dialogue, which will allow a communication prone to  assure the continuation of the Mandriva Linux project

We also want to bring our complete and unfailing support to Mandriva developers and employees who create and keep alive this top-quality distribution day after day, in open collaboration with the contributors’ and users’ community.

Mandriva Linux French-speaking Users Association and with the support of Colombian User Community (, Dutch community (, group MIB (, Brazilian community (, Romanian community (, Spanish-speaking community ( and the Turkish community ( ).

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