Moving to Linux

Several organizations have been successful in moving to Linux. I’d like to discuss this topic again.

How do you move an organization to Linux? What’s the process? It’s not as simple as coming in over the weekend, re-installing everyone’s desktops with the latest Linux distro, and hoping things go for the best. You need a real transition plan, a strategy to move the organization.

Here’s what I would do to ease a transition to Linux:

1. Take an inventory

The first step in any transition is to understand what you’re working with, and what your obstacles might be. The key here is to be brutally honest. Why is the organization running Windows? Are there applications that are only available for Windows? Do any of your “power users” require obscure features in, say, Microsoft Office to do their job? Maybe your users need to work with an outside web application (perhaps a vendor web site) that requires IE.

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