Impression of First Day at Akademy 2010

After many years of successful meetings in great locations, Tampere has a lot to live up to as this year’s Akademy host city. On the basis of the first day at least, it has not disappointed. After the opening keynote by Valtteri Halla a series of other talks followed and we have had plenty of discussions in the open spaces between the conference rooms. Read on for an impression of the first day of the biggest and coolest Akademy ever!

It is hard to explain what exactly it is which makes Akademy so much fun, but quoting a few unsuspecting subjects might give a little insight.

Most of the day, a bunch of Nepomuk and Tracker developers were sitting just outside one of the conference rooms, discussing sharing of semantic data and other things relating to Nepomuk. Luckily, there are plenty of round tables with room for anywhere between 5 and (if you really want to be part of the discussion) 15 people. Your writer just happened to sit at the same table, and kept half an ear on the discussion to hear George Goldberg comment: “You know, this is why I love this conference: sure, the talks are nice, but this is where it really happens”.


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