PCinuxOS Quarterly ISO updates available for KDE, Gnome and LXDE desktops

Quarterly  updated ISO’s of PCLinuxOS are now available for download on mirrors worldwide.  The quarterly release currently comes in three editions: KDE 4.4.5 SC,  Gnome 2.30.2 Edition and LXDE Edition.  Other editions to follow shorty.

Highlights of the 2010.07 release: Kernel, KDE SC 4.4.5, Gnome 2.30.2 and updated LXDE desktop. PCLinuxOS includes all of the latest popular applications such as Firefox 3.6.6, Thunderbird 3.0.5, Dropbox , Pidgin 2.7.1,  Ktorrent 4.0.1, Gimp 2.6.9, Digikam 1.3.0 , Amarok 2.3.1 and much much more.

Visit our download page for more information.

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