Discover the brand new Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring

Mandriva, announces today the launch of the final version of Mandriva Linux
2010 Spring.
Quicker, easier and more secure than ever, Mandriva Linux offers new
functionalities which revolutionise the desktop. It is the ideal distribution
for all users, from the beginner to the most advanced.

* Imagine a simpler life with a unique technology : the Smart Desktop
* Protect your data with a virus-free system and optimal parental control
* Experiment an exceptional, new ergonomic Desktop
* Embrace the Multimedia experience with the Moovida media center !

Choose and discover the product which best suits you:
– Free: 100% Open Source for advanced users;
– One: Easy to use and no risks, offering all the basic applications;
– Powerpack: See the difference with a complete, high performing and flexible
desktop, with services and support.

The Powerpack version, the most complete version of Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring
which integrates three months of web support, is available at our online store
for as little as 49 euros / USD59 !

Go to:

The other versions of Mandriva Linux, Mandriva One and Mandriva Free are
available on

If you wish to make the most of the two yearly versions of Mandriva, including
of course Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring, take up a subscription: two
distributions for only 69 euros / USD79 !

Go to:

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