Last Days at Akademy 2010

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Friday was the last day at Akademy and by the evening a few people had already gone. Others were sitting at Demola, scattered around the place or chatting in small groups. Others decided to stay at TOAS, the larger accommodation for many community members and use the public spaces there for hacking and talking. As usual, everyone was tired from a week of hard work and hard play.

Day Trip

On Thursday, we enjoyed another of those great Akademy traditions – the day trip. For those who don’t know, each year Akademy visitors are taken by the local team on a trip for some relaxation and a taste of local culture. This year two buses took us 15 kilometers outside of Tampere – to a place in the woods. After a little walk, we ended up at a beautiful lake where we found a chalet with a few volunteers cooking food for us. A second chalet housed a traditional wood-fired sauna. There was also a camp fire so we could prepare our own food.


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