Successful KDE Finances Sprint Held

On April 23rd, developers from various finance-related KDE applications gathered in Eschborn, near Frankfurt, Germany for the first ever KDE Finance Sprint. The fellowship was composed of developers from KMyMoney, Kraft and Skrooge. This was a week after the ash cloud stopped all flights over Europe. Until the last minute, it was not clear whether those who were coming by plane would be able to make it. Fortunately, the airports opened just in time. Read on for a report for the meeting.
Day 1, Meet & Greet

On Friday 23rd, after traveling from our various places, we met in SyroCon’s office, located in Eschborn, facing the building that will soon become the new home of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Now, ain’t that the perfect place for a KDE Finance Sprint?

We took some time to introduce ourselves and the events that brought us that day into that room, discussing that highly improbable topic: writing KDE Applications dedicated to financial matters.


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