Are You Expecting? Your Boss Should Know

If there’s a push for labor-saving ideas at your workplace, here’s one for you: Expect. Expect is a simple scripting language that allows you to initiate interactive command line sessions in an automated fashion. For example, if you want to setup a script to login to a remote system, gather some files and then disconnect from the remote system; expect is the tool to use for that interactive session. But what’s better than creating a script to automate some repetitive task? Automating the creation of that script, of course. And, you can do just that with Autoexpect.

Creating an Expect script can prove tedious, especially for those of us who have attention deficit disorders. It’s hard to focus on each detail of a stepwise procedure to perform a simple but repititious task. That’s where Autoexpect saves the day. Autoexpect “watches” your keystrokes and writes them to an Expect script that you can then execute to perform the recorded task.

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