4 Useful Extensions to Improve Firefox Memory Usage

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4 Useful Extensions to Improve Firefox Memory Usage

firefox-sand-logoIt is a known fact that Firefox is a memory monster. It consumes your memory like there is no tomorrow. Load up a few tabs and it starts to slow down (or even crash). This is also the main reason why many people are ditching Firefox for Google Chrome. If you are bothered by this memory issue, but are not able to switch to other browsers because of the heavy dependency on the extensions, here are another 4 extensions that can solve/reduce the memory issue and make you a happy Firefox user (hopefully) again.

1. BarTab

Tabs is the most valuable features in all browsers, yet it is the one that consume the most memory in Firefox. Try to load 10 – 20 tabs and you see your system coming to a stand still. BarTab works by loading only the tabs that you are actively using. When a tab has been idle for a period of time, it will be automatically unloaded to free up memory space. The concept is, you pay (memory space) only what you are using.

When you restore a session with multiple tabs, you can also configure BarTab not to load all the tabs. The tab will only be loaded when it become active.

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