Basket – A Multi-Purpose Note Pad For KDE

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Basket – A Multi-Purpose Note Pad For KDE

Basket Note Pads iconBasket Note Pads is a multipurpose note-taking application for KDE. Business people can use it to keep track of important tasks and notes. Writers can use it to organize their thoughts. Students can use it for note taking. And generally anyone can use it as a virtual paste bin or clip drawer.

Basket was one of the last KDE 3 programs to be ported to KDE 4. While the development appeared to have stalled for some time, it has picked up again, and the developers have released a beta version for KDE 4.


You can download the source code from the project’s website or install your Linux distribution’s version, if available. Kubuntu/Ubuntu users can install it from the Universe repository.

Link to the original site

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