Distro Hoppin`: Mandriva 2010.1

Mandrake… the 5 CD Linux distro that came with that latest edition of a computer magazine… oh how it stood there in that kiosk’s display, how it lured me into wanting even more to expand the possibilities of my beloved PC. I could hesitate no more! I had to get it! And I did. Once it was in my hands, I called another geek-friend of mine, went back to the apartment, pulled up an extra chair and unfolded the giant instructions leaflet. A lot of hours and cigarettes (I quit them, by the way, and you should do too!) later, immensely proud of our achievement, we watched as Mandrake booted into the graphical desktop. My friend had to go home and so I was left alone on this vast, unexplored territory that is Linux. As at that time I couldn’t grasp the true value of it, I was quickly brought down by all the little annoyances: IRC wasn’t working, the fonts looked horrible, my favorite games couldn’t be played, etc, etc.

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