vtiger CRM 5.2.0 RC released

We are glad to announce the availability of 5.2.0 RC today.

With vtigerCRM 5.2.0 RC we added few key features, performance improvements and an array of bug fixes, for details go through the Release Notes

Please evaluate it and share your feedback.

You can find the downloads here:
VtigerCrm 5.2.0 RC Downloads:

For Windows, Vtiger CRM 5.2.0 RC.exe

For Linux, Vtiger CRM 5.2.0 RC.bin

Source, Vtiger CRM 5.2.0  RC.tar.gz

Firefox plugin, Vtiger CRM 5.2.0 RC Firefox-Plugin.xpi

Customer Portal, Vtiger CRM 5.2.0 RC CustomerPortal.zip

Thunderbird plugin, Vtiger CRM 5.2.0 RC Thunderbird-Plugin.xpi

Tutorial Videos

Demo Links:


customer portal login credentials,

user name: test@vtiger.com

password: portal

To Report Issues:

1. Login to trac.vtiger.com (To get access to trac.vtiger.com, send an email to info@vtiger.com)

2. Set Milestone as Unassigned. Version to 5.2.0-RC

3. Set appropriate Priority.

4. Provide clear description on the issue. make sure to cover key aspects like, how to reproduce the issue, your php version, browser and screen shots of the issue if possible.

for more documentation and getting involved guidelines visit here.

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