New beta installer available: eBox Platform 1.5-1

Hi fellow eBox users,

The development team of eBox Platform, the Linux small business server,
is glad to announce the availability of a new installer CD for the eBox
Platform 1.5 series including the improvements and fixes that have been
done since the first 1.5 installer. You can download the new installer,
as usual, from our Downloads [0] page.

eBox Platform 1.5-1 is a development version based on Ubuntu 10.04 and
it will become eBox Platform 2.0 (next stable release) after a
stabilization period. As you know, we have now finished with the
development of new features and from now on we will focus all our
attention (with your help!) on testing, bugfixing and optimizing the

The most relevant changes on this new 1.5-1 installer are focused on
improving the performance:

– We have replaced the old configuration backend (gconf) with a brand
new one based in redis. This improves the user experience in general,
making the web interface more responsive. It also decreases the
installation and boot times.
– The migration scripts of each package are now run on the same perl
interpreter, this reduces the installation time of the packages.

This is an important change and we need your feedback to check that
everything is right. There shouldn’t be any problem on a fresh install,
but if you upgrade from an older version with the configuration stored
in gconf there may be issues in the migration process.

It also includes new versions of the following modules: Users, DHCP,
Backup, Groupware, Firewall, IDS, Monitor, NTP, Software Management,
HTTP Proxy and Webserver. They can be also updated via the Software
Management module if you already have a installed 1.5 system.

Please remember that the 1.5 versions are beta and not intended for
production environments. Having said that, we would appreciate greatly
your help in testing this version and making the eBox 2.0 a great release!


Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – eBox Product Manager

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