10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Linux Hosted Website More Secure

10. Get cooperation from your Linux host.
Make sure your host is updating their software at the server and network levels. This includes any available kernel updates, as well as updates for packages such as Apache and PHP. Your host should also have a server administrator reviewing the server security logs on a daily basis. These are security steps which, in most cases, can only be executed by your host’s server administrator, so it is vital to ensure that your host is doing their part to secure your website.

9. Use a file integrity checker available for the Linux OS, such as AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment).
File Integrity Checkers will notify you of any changes made to your site files and provide an audit trail of what exactly was added, removed or changed, as well as when the changes were made. A skilled hacker can break into a site and make minor changes to your code without adding new files or changing anything about the outward appearance of your site. For example, it’s possible to make a few modifications to a billing script to cause it to silently email all of your customers’ billing information to the hacker before running a charge as normal.

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